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Types of Implant Restorations:

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If you are from the US and have silicone breast implants and need fiancial assistance with explant, please contact The Explant Financial Assistance Program here: http


Dr. Lu Jean Feng of Pepperpike, Ohio in the US is the world’s foremost explant surgeon with many educational video’s regarding proper En Bloc/Total Capsulectomy explants and breast implant illness here: and has also conducted clinical research and studies here:

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Dr Arthur Brawer is a Rheumatologist and silicone toxicity expert and has carried out studies and written several papers on the toxicity of silicone and breast implants here:

ProcedureDiagnostic Codes ICD10:
T85.49XA – Mechanical complication of breast prosthesis and implant
T85.79XA – Infection and inflammatory reaction due to other internal prosthetic devices, implants, grafts.
T85.84XA – Pain due to internal prosthetic devices, implants and grafts.
T85.44XA – Contracture of Breast Prosthesis
T85.43XA – Rupture of Breast Prosthesis
N64.81 – Breast Ptosis
N64.4 – Mastodynia

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Dr. Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld is another expert who published AutoImmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced By Adjuvants – ASIA Syndrome in regard to breast implants here:

If you feel you may be heavy metal poisoned from dental, fish, breast implants or another source please read Andy Cutler’s book: . It is an excellent read about detoxing mercury and other heavy metals safely using oral chelation.

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  • br />Bone in that area is evaluated for type of implant<br ..


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    i had two implants after my mastectomy. What will happen to my breasts after ex plant?

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If you live in the U.S. and have been affected negatively by breast implants and need help convincing your insurance to cover your explant, Dr. Diana Zuckerman would like to hear from you . Since 1990, Dr. Zuckerman has been working to warn women about the dangers of breast implants and is the only doctor collecting and presenting accurate statistics and research, as listed on the Page of this site, evidencing the negative health consequences of breast implants.

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Heavy metals in the body can be somewhat assessed from a Hair Test through Doctors Data in the US or Rocky Mountain Analytical in Canada. In addition to showing heavy metals, a hair test will also show your mineral status which is important to check for your health and some health patterns. Low minerals can cause heath problems in the body and breast implants and the heavy metals in breast implants can cause mineral derangement. If a Hair Test shows heavy metals toxicity, it is good to follow that up with a 24 hour provoked urine heavy metals test supervised by a chelation expert. I do not recommend IV chelation for breast implant illness rather if you are metal poisoned I suggest oral chelation following the Andy Cutler protocol as outlined in his book above. I chelated metals myself for two years following Andy Cutler’s oral chelation protocol.


This type of implant helps those with ..

Hello, is there a safe implant, or safer implant that you recommend for women who have not had augmentation surgery? Some women, life myself, have no breast tissue whatsoever and just want a healthy option to look proportionate.

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I had silicone implants put in May, 1986. My surgeon at the time assured me that they would last a life time. He even made a joke that I would be 85 and have perfect breasts. In 2002, I could feel like liquid dripping inside of my breast. I didn’t have insurance at that time. During the next years, they both got so painful that I couldn’t sleep on my sides. In 2015, I went for a mammogram and they did an ultrasound and said I needed to find a plastic surgeon to get them taken out immediately. I did right away. The surgeon told me that the brown muck (sorry gross) from the implants was embedded in my tissue. She said in 20 years, she had never seen a worse case. To this day, the pain is still severe, I have lost all of my teeth, my hair is falling out, I have Raynaud’s disease (almost lost my foot due to frostbite), severe headaches and backaches. I feel my health has severely deteriorated. I am mad and wish that I could find an attorney to sue the manufacturer of my implants. Every attorney I have talked to said it is too late. I am at a loss. I am depressed and on depression medication. What I fool I feel like having been so foolish to have them put in. Any ideas of any recourse against the company at this point? I feel life isn’t even worth living sometimes with the way my whole body aches.

Influence of prosthesis type and retention mechanism …

If you would like the saline fluid in your implants tested for fungus or other microorganisms, andare two microbiology service laboratories specializing in the identification of fungi (molds), bacteria and viruses from the environment, food, pharmaceutical or biological products.

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