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Tissue Valve (sometimes called ‘bioprosthetic’ valves)

Mosaic® Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Backgrounder

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The Medtronic Mosaic® bioprosthetic heart valve (bioprosthesis), carefully crafted from porcine tissue and preserved with innovative techniques, is an artificial heart valve.

Durability of Bioprosthetic Cardiac Valves

Medtronic, Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., is the world’s leading medical technology company, providing lifelong solutions for people with chronic disease. Its Cardiac Surgery business offers the broadest selection of heart valve products in the industry – including both mechanical and tissue valves, plus annuloplasty rings for surgical repair of the heart valve. Its Internet address is .

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The Mosaic porcine bioprosthesis includes technological advancements backed by 30 years of clinical research and experience in developing bioprosthetic replacement valves.

The Medtronic Mosaic bioprosthesis is a third-generation valve made of porcine (pig) tissue. The tissue is attached to a cloth-covered, flexible plastic frame, called a stent. The bioprosthesis is then sewn into place where the patient’s diseased valve used to be.

CA1228203A - Heart valve bioprosthesis - Google Patents

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Medtronic tissue heart valves for both the aortic and mitral positions have undergone 30 years of development, and three distinct generations of bioprostheses have emerged. The third generation Mosaic bioprosthesis is the result of Medtronic’s commitment to advancing tissue technologies.

The pulmonary valve and lower portion of the pulmonary artery are replaced by a pulmonary homograft (transplanted from another human being) or a porcine (pig) bioprosthesis.

Pulmonary valve replacements are usually performed without significant risk and result in the decrease in symptoms as well as improved right ventricular function.

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  • Mosaic® Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Backgrounder

    Comparison of outcomes after aortic valve replacement with a mechanical valve or a bioprosthesis using microsimulation

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    Learn about mechanical and bioprosthetic heart valve replacements - the advantages, the disadvantages and the risks.

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