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A masters thesis on Connect-Four, by Victor Allis (PDF file)

But why interview either of them when I could can go to a Dutch computer scientist called Victor Allis?

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4 in a row Freeware for MS-Windows - Martin Fierz

ou may be surprised to hear that Connect 4 has been solved this way! This is what Victor Allis did in his masters thesis . Essentially, he has identified a set of 9 rules that need to be followed. Then, a decision is made which rule to apply to which situations, which allows the while player to always win. This is done by a simple search, which is nowhere near as complex as standard minimax searches typically used in logic games. Indeed, the size of the search space is much smaller due to the mapping onto the 9 basic set of rules. The expertise of the author came into play to reduce the cost of the search, which thereby manages to play the game in real-time

Victor allis master s thesis defense of corporate social work presented msc dissertation – mr.

Connect Four was solved independently at roughly the same time by James Allen and Victor Allis (1988).

Recently, the game has been strongly solved by John Tromp

St. Francis DeSales Seminary High School, Class of 1972

, Victor Allis announced his independently discovered solution, described in his thesis.

Victor Allis is the co-founder and CEO of . He has been a puzzle fanatic all his life. Victor describes the day he was given his first Rubik’s cube as one of the best days of his life. (He solved it later that same week, of course.) As an academic, he’s known for his ingenious AI solutions for Connect Four, Qubic and Go-Muku. At Quintiq, he’s known as the guy you call when you have a planning puzzle no one else can solve; whether in logistics, manufacturing, workforce or any of the other many industries that rely on Quintiq planning and optimization technology. When Victor isn’t solving puzzles, he puts his tenacity and healthy disregard for the impossible into endurance running.

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Allis coded VICTOR which actually won the computer-game olympiad in the category ..

This is what Victor Allis did in his masters thesis (you can download his dissertation right here).
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    The computer scientist Victor Allis notes that typical games between experts last about 150 moves, ..

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    Knowledge-based Approach of Connect-Four Victor Allis Department of Masters Thesis…

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    Connect Four was solved independently at roughly the same time by James Allen and Victor Allis ..

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