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1. In addition to Locabulary Lite, another great text-to-speech program available for the iPhone/iPod and the iPad is "Speak it! Text to Speech". The speech quality is far better than that of Locabulary Lite in my humble opinion.

TextToSpeech | Android Developers

PAT and OVE synthesizers engaged a conversation how the transfer function of the acoustic tube should be modeled, in parallel or in cascade. John Holmes introduced his parallel formant synthesizer in 1972 after studying these synthesizers for few years. He tuned by hand the synthesized sentence "I enjoy the simple life" (track ) so good that the average listener could not tell the difference between the synthesized and the natural one (Klatt 1987). About a year later he introduced parallel formant synthesizer developed with JSRU (Joint Speech Research Unit) (Holmes et al. 1990).

EP2700070A1 Voice assignment for text-to-speech output : 02/25/2014:

IPhones now have the capability to run Alex which will do text to speech. The instructions can be found at the following link:

The earliest efforts to produce synthetic speech were made over two hundred years ago (Flanagan 1972, Flanagan et al. 1973, Schroeder 1993). In St. Petersburg 1779 Russian Professor Christian Kratzenstein explained physiological differences between five long vowels (/a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, and /u/) and made apparatus to produce them artificially. He constructed acoustic resonators similar to the human vocal tract and activated the resonators with vibrating reeds like in music instruments. The basic structure of resonators is shown in Figure 2.1. The sound /i/ is produced by blowing into the lower pipe without a reed causing the flute-like sound.

The EMIME project will help to overcome the language barrier by developing a mobile device that
performs personalised speech-to-speech translation, such that the a user’s spoken input in one language
is used to produce spoken output in another language, while continuing to sound like the user’s voice.
Personalisation of systems for cross-lingual spoken communication is an important, but little explored,
topic. It is essential for providing more natural interaction and making the computing device a less
obtrusive element when assisting human-human interactions.

Compact speech synthesis speaker with integrated Text-to ..

voice currently being used for synthesis requests sent to the TextToSpeech ..

A little background. I had my laryngectomy, a little over two months ago. Over the past two months I have made a few adjustments. I am almost half through with radiation treatments, which will continue for 3 more weeks. After, a hopefully brief convalescence period, I will return to work. As a systems administrator for a large computer-engineering group, my need to communicate on a technical level is important. From what I am told, I will be able to speak again, for that I am grateful. At best, that is 6 months or more down the road, it has been two and counting. Even then, telephone conversations will be more difficult for the recipient to understand. Over the years, I have had many deaf clients, and have set up TTY devices for their use. These have their drawbacks. I have always been a very independent person and have been frustrated with my new dependence on family and friends, for simple everyday things. Which brings me to why I am writing this. I spent hours searching the web, first looking for a text to speech program. I found several free ones. The one I selected is called E-triloquist. I found it on the WebWhispers home page. It allows 48 pre-programmable hot keys, plus plenty of options for pre-typed questions and responses. It is a good program! Having the ability to type and spell are a big plus. Unfortunately I can do neither, but with practice I am getting there. I type into a spell checker program, then cut and paste into the text to speech program. One draw back is the voices that come for free, are terrible. They sound very robotic. I bought 2 additional voices, one male, and one female (they come as a package) from AT&T for $35.00. These voices are better than the free ones, but still leave something to be desired.

1. This software is for PCs only. If you are using a Mac, this won't work.
2. If you are using Windows Vista or 7.0, you will only have Microsoft Anna's voice. This may be a little awkward for the men out there. Other voices can be purchased from other sites on line. They cost about $30.00 per voice.
3. The voice is very mechanical, which is a problem with most computer voices. It has either no voice inflection or incorrect voice inflection. This makes it difficult to understand.
4. PC speakers are not very loud. To be heard, you may have to invest in external speakers.
5. It has no mobility. You would have to carry your laptop with you if you wanted to use it on the go.

Voice data for text to speech keeps downloading : Wood m3 download
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    Congrats on assembling your voice recognizer device -- now, let’s bring it to life

  • has over 25 years of experience in speech synthesis

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    SoftVoice, Inc

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Finding a voice | The Economist

If you are developing a commercial or industrial software product, you canlicense the SoftVoice text-to-speech system for inclusion. Licensing of theSoftVoice TTS engine can be done in a number of ways, including (but notlimited to):
- A per-unit royalty with large-volume discounts, or
- A yearly subscription, or
- A single, one-time fee.

For information on licensing the SoftVoice TTS engine - or for generalquestions - please contact us at: for details.

HTTP GET Network Transaction to get XML voice list

2. I totally second what Todd is saying about "Speak it!" When I had my surgery last year, my husband downloaded this app for our iPad and I would type up a report for my doctors as the day went by, so when they stopped to check in on my I'd just replay it and it was very easy to communicate. I also had lots of pre-loaded phrases like: "thank you", "suction, please", "can you adjust my humidifier, please" etc. etc. I could just run at any time.

Speech recognition software for Linux - Wikipedia

AND the quality of the voice is fantastic! You can chose from several
feminine or masculine voices and accents. I keep thinking some smart
engineering types must be looking at ways where all this speech synthesis
can be applied to devices so our ELs sound like human voices rather than the buzz. Or something along those lines. I bet something will come up along these lines, as technology keeps evolving...

Working Together: People with Disabilities and …

2. Natural Reader online text-to-speech application. I have this on my iPad and it will read anything. ......This application works with most commonly-used documents, such as Word docs, PDF files and webpages. Also, it provides over 30 natural-sounding voices in seven languages. You can switch voices and adjust the speaking speed. You can not only access your documents from any device, but also convert the documents into mp3 files

People with disabilities meet barriers of all types

3. Verbally - Uses text to speech plus prepared words and phrases. I downloaded the free one and it works great for my purposes on my iPad. They do have a Premium one for sale. This is simple to use and is ready as soon as you touch the icon, keyboard and all.

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