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unit to attach to the waterproof prosthesis.

Water leakage into the trachea is a sign the seal between the flush and the prosthesis is not sufficient.

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Liners are the most important part of the prosthesis to keep clean, as the gel inner coating is the only part of the prosthesis that has constant, direct contact with the skin. The outside of the liners do not need to be cleaned as they are never in contact with the skin. They may however become soiled and if necessary, can be spot cleaned with a biodegradable cleaner and dried with a paper towel. The inside can be cleaned very quickly, and without much effort. First, it’s important to turn the liner inside out so the gel is on the outside. For most liners the gel side can be hand-washed with antibacterial soap, and rinsed well with warm water, as any soap residue left on the liner can cause irritation. Pat dry with lint-free cloth, turn the liner right side out, and place on the stand ready for the next use. We recommend once weekly, spray the inside of the liner with a light mist of isopropyl alcohol and let evaporate. This will kill any potential bacteria that may begin to harbor in the gel. If you have two liners, we recommend switching them every day this way one can relax, which will prolong the life of the pair. Locking liners should never be stored inside out as the tension on the umbrella that anchors the pin, may damage the gel in that region.

Waterproof/Shower Prosthesis Swimming Foot

The flush should be used after brushing, or at any other time during the day as needed to assist with optimal function of the voice prosthesis.

To clean the flush, the components shouldthen be separated, cleaned with soap and water, then allowed to air dry.

Above-knee waterproof prosthesis — Ottobock USA

Australians love water. There is no doubt about that: we are quite literally surrounded by it! If you look at the top our website one of the things you’ll find written is, “Advanced Function, Advanced Lifestyle” – these are important things to us. It is no surprise then, that we have been providing aquatic prostheses to Australian amputees for a number of years now. We want to enhance your lives as much as possible. I have seen, and made, aquatic prostheses for almost every level of amputation (with the exception of hip disarticulation).

If you are a regular swimmer, you may wish to consider a . This is an alternative to a regular breast prosthesis that is specifically made to allow water to flow easily during swimming. Silicone swimforms are hollow in the back to allow for water to move freely through your swimsuit without the weight of a full breast prosthesis. Non-silicone swimforms are made of spacer fabric that does not take on water. This material is a mesh which allows water to flow directly through it. It is extremely light as to not pull your swimsuit down as emerge from the water. It also features a tag which you can use to pin into your suit, rather than having a pre-pocketed suit.

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Most aquatic knees are either locked or lockable, to prevent the knee from bending in water. There are some higher functioning knees for use in water sports. This can be discussed in more detail with your Prosthetist.

Can I wear a silicone breast prosthesis swimming?
Yes. Silicone breast forms will not be damaged by chlorine or salt water and can be worn in the swimming pool, ocean, or hot tub. After use, gently wash and dry the breast prosthesis. The breast prosthesis must be worn in a pocketed swimsuit so it does not float out into the water. You can either pocket your own swimsuit using , or buy a pre-pocketed swimsuit. Please take a look at our to discover what is best for you.

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    If you want to shower in the prosthesis, going to and from the pool, or wading in water; there are two main options:

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    Scuba Leg Water Prosthetic

  • Above-knee prosthesis with: Genium — Ottobock USA

    Waterproof/Shower Prosthesis Shower Leg. Coming Soon… Other Products. Swimming. Water Proof; Slalom Ski Foot

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The inside of the socket should be wiped down at least a few times a month to prevent bacteria build-up. Anti-bacterial disinfectant wipes work best, but a light bleach/soap and water solution can be a suitable substitute. If you are using soap and water, only use a damp cloth to prevent water getting to any components. Once the inside is wiped down, allow some time for the socket to fully dry before use. Try to get into a habit of cleaning your prosthesis before you go to bed, this way it can fully dry by the time you start the next day.

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To keep it simple: most suspension types can be ‘water proofed’ and (if possible) used in conjunction with a suspension sleeve. The suspension sleeve is generally made from silicone and serves the purpose of suspending the prosthesis, and keeping water out of the socket.

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