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The ultimate goal of the work is to record molecular movies of water splitting.

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Photosynthesis Images Show Splitting of the Water …

AB - Plants produce oxygen from water, but the same chemical reaction is hard to achieve synthetically. A new family of catalysts could breathe fresh life into the quest for artificial photosynthesis.

1. A method for splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen comprising

CoP a load of this: A novel type of polycrystalline material is developed by integrating CoP2 and CoP. The integration of CoP2 and CoP in the structures can enhance the intrinsic electrical conductivity and facilitate electron transfer from solution to the surface of electrode. This CoP/CoP2 mixed crystal material, as a bifunctional catalyst for the oxygen and hydrogen evolution reactions in alkaline solution, demonstrates the potential for practical overall water splitting.

Photocatalytic Water Splitting | SpringerLink

A mechanism for water splitting and oxygen production …

“I joined the project because it fascinates me to work at the LCLS accelerator on this important biological project.”

“The most exciting aspect of the work on Photosystem II is the prospect of making molecular movies to witness the water splitting process through time-resolved crystallography,” added Basu.

National and international collaborators on the project include the team of Henry Chapman at DESY in Hamburg, Germany, who with the ASU team and researchers at the MPI in Heidelberg pioneered the new method of serial femtosecond crystallography.

Danger! High voltage: Dual-photoelectrode photoelectrochemical (PEC) devices based on earth-abundant metal oxides are an attractive means of producing green H2 by water splitting. A dual-photoelectrode PEC cell, incorporating a 1 mol % W-doped BiVO4/Bi4V2O11 photoanode and an undoped BiVO4/Bi4V2O11 photocathode, generates photovoltages of 1.54 V to drive unassisted water splitting with 0.95 % efficiency.

the water slitting enzyme of photosynthesis and the origin of …

A trifunctional catalyst based on NixSy nanowalls (NWs) on nitrogen-doped graphene foam (NGF) can be efficiently applied in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) and overall water splitting. An unassisted artificial photosynthesis device constructed by a NixSy NW/NGF-based tandem DSSC-electrolyzer gives a solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of 3.2%.

Nonprecious catalytic boxes: The synthesis of Co9S8−MoS2 hierarchical nanoboxes (HNBs) composed of nanosheets is reported (see scheme). These Co9S8−MoS2 HNBs deliver an impressive overpotential of 106 mV for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and exhibit stability; thus demonstrating their potential application in water-splitting devices.

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  • One solar cell would power half of the water-splitting reaction ..

    Water splitting - Wikipedia

  • Catalysis : The art of splitting water

    Water splitting is the general term for a chemical reaction in which water is separated into oxygen and hydrogen

  • “To facilitate solar water- splitting in ..

    Water splitting - YouTube

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underlying the water-splitting reaction ..

Recent experimental and theoretical achievements in vacancy-rich transition-metal-based electrocatalysis for water splitting are reviewed, which include the vacancy types, synthetic approaches, and advanced techniques to characterize the vacancies. Importantly, the functions of vacancies in tuning the electronic states, active sites, and kinetic energy barriers of electrocatalysts are summarized. Finally, some perspectives of the future research in vacancy-rich electrocatalysis are discussed.

Bioenergetics, Water Splitting and Artificial Photosynthesis

All of the sugar produced in the photosynthetic cells of plants and other organisms is derived from the initial chemical combining of carbon dioxide and water with sunlight.

Photocatalytic water splitting news

“This is a major step toward the goal of making a movie of the molecular machine responsible for photosynthesis, the process by which plants make the oxygen we breathe, from sunlight and water,” explained John Spence, ASU Regents’ Professor of physics, team member and scientific leader of the National Science Foundation funded BioXFEL Science and Technology Centre, which develops methods for biology with free electron lasers.

Photosynthesis Quiz - Science Geek

A highly efficient Sb2Se3-based photocathode for water splitting is demonstrated by adjusting the anisotropy of 1D nanostructures. A simple modulation of the Sb-Se precursor solution enables the desired orientation control of the Sb2Se3 nanostructures, consequently resulting in fast carrier transport and enhanced photocurrent. The Sb2Se3-based photocathode exhibits a remarkable photocurrent of 12.5 mA cm−2 at 0 V versus reversible hydrogen electrode.

Chemistry for Biologists: Photosynthesis

A generic term for organisms that absorb light energy and carry out photosynthesis, in which carbon dioxide (CO2) is reduced to organic compounds and oxygen is produced by the splitting of water. Higher plants and algae are examples of oxygenic phototrophs.

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