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CMPT 468: Waveshaping Synthesis

Synthesis Tutorial 5: Waveshaping - Cycling '74

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Waveshaping Synthesis - Audulus Forum

In general, the transformation of sound in applying waveshaping depends on the transfer function. The following example applies at first a table which does not change the sound at all, because the function just says y = x. The second one leads aready to a heavy distortion, though "just" the samples between an amplitude of -0.1 and +0.1 are erased. Tables 3 to 7 apply some chebychev functions which are well known from waveshaping synthesis. Finally, tables 8 and 9 approve that even a meaningful sentence and a nice music can regarded as noise ...

WIGGLE Dynamic Waveshaping Synthersizer - 2nd …

(This method should not be confused with , which creates sound from lists of numbers, mostoften representing one period or cycle per wave. However, wavetablesynthesis is identical to the special case of waveshaping synthesiswhere the original waveform is a .)

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Waveshaping Synthesis Amplitude Control; Control Signals Part 2 – Sample and Hold

Made with SynthEdit
(Known problems - quite CPU hungry, can't guarantee the accuracy of the filter bank, not great with vocals.)

- 8 Band filter bank with attack, decay and extra carrier gain
- Seperate modulator and carrier multi-filters
- Fully playable and automatable on-board synth

- 2 x dual oscillator with dual detune
- Sine, saw, triangle and square waveshapes
- Pulse width
- Octave, semitone and fine tuning
- Hardsync
- Sub-oscillator slaved to osc 1, with waveshape and octave choice
- Noise generator with choice of noise, ability to modulate noise with osc 1 or 2 output, and high pass filter with cut off control
- FM
- Ring modulation

- 2 LFOs with restart, free rate or sync to host tempo, 4 waveshapes and pulse width
16 x 3 modulation matrix with ability to modulate modulator signal

- Osc mixer for all sound outputs
- Main mixer for modulator and carrier, pan and dry/wet control

See the author's/host site:
Download the plug-in (1490,25 Ko)
See other plugins in the same category: This effect chops up a fixed loop length of incoming audio into 16 parts and allows you to position each of the parts in any order and specify the level, pan, and whether each part is reversed.

An introduction as well as some background theory of amplitude modulation, ring modulation and waveshaping is given in the fourth chapter entitled "sound-synthesis". As all of these techniques merely modulate the amplitude of a signal in a variety of ways, they can also be used for the modification of non-synthesized sound. In this chapter we will explore amplitude modulation, ring modulation and waveshaping as applied to non-synthesized sound.

VirSyn microTera features Waveshaping Synthesis

A final technique that might be considered wave-shaping synthesis is "wave-stealing". This involves taking a small section of known pieces of music...

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  • Bottom Line: Next-level waveshaping synthesis for iPad users

    Waveshaping Synthesis is a type of distortion synthesis that can create dynamic spectra in a controlled way

  • Z3TA+ is a Waveshaping Synthesis for Windows users

    Waveshaping synthesis.

  • Download Tone2 Gladiator 2 v2.5 WiN - SoftArchive

    26.02.2014 · Featuring a waveshaping synthesis engine, ..

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