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What else is required for photosynthesis


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What are the conditions for photosynthesis - …

If geoengineering is happening on a global scale, there is only one thing that could garner Worldwide collusion and secrecy and its that life on Earth is about to take a drastic turn for the worse and this is a last ditch effort to turn it around. Whatever the case may be with the spraying, they should all be hanged for the secrecy.

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Photosynthesis

I just attended your presentation in Redding Ca. and thought I was going to hear a bunch of crazy people but what I heard was professionals with clear educated information. I was invited to attend through Facebook and I hope you use this method of getting your information out. I hope this information goes viral. I want to thank you for your life's work of trying to save this planet, as I have grandchildren that I worry about . I want to let you know my husband and I left overwhelmed and a little fearful, it seems so big and unstoppable but I promise you I will spread your words and information as far as I can reach, and anything you ask of us I will do to help. Thank God for you and the brave people that are coming forward. I will add you and your organization to my prayers and ask God to help save our planet by putting light on the horrible things that are being done. Thank you Kim Nicholas and Bob Martz.

This process is called photosynthesis

and which is needed by plants for photosynthesis

Pakistan needs a lot of things. It needs clean air, water, energy, fuel, health facilities, sewerage system and I can go on and on. Pakistan also has all the departments that need to provide these facilities. Use the innovations from around the world to provide these facilities while also safeguarding the environment. What Pakistan needs the most for every thing to work id leadership that has the backbone to do what is right for the country and people. Today the people running the country have a backbone to do the right thing for themselves.

A lot of organisms emit light. Of course you know fireflies, but there are also otherluminescent organisms such as some fishes, mushrooms, bacteria, dinoflagellates, andshellfishes. The culture of luminescent bacteria is not difficult. What you have to do isto get a strain of luminescent and harmless bacteria and raise it in a suitable culturemedium. A bacterium widely cultured and used also for lessons in schools is the Photobacteriumphosphoreum, now renamed: Vibrio phosphoreum.
Search for information about the mechanism of the bioluminescence. You can findinformation for this culture and general information on the Internet at sites listedlater. There is a lot of information on bioluminescence on the Internet. There are evenamateur sites devoted to this topic. You can buy the Vibrio phosphoreum at commercially,such as the ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) .You can find other firms of this type on the Internet, using the keywords: culturecollection. Also try the links for the protists experiment. These companies also supplythe culture media and in their sites you can often read their composition.
: In these experiments, need thehelp of a biologist to avoid culturing dangerous microorganisms. Even with help, keep thecultures only for a short time, wash your hands, wash and disinfect all tools which havebeen in contact with the cultures.
Utilisation Pedagogique de Bacteries Luminescentes (in French)
Luminescent Bacteria
Bioluminescence in Plankton and Nekton (there is a list of luminescent organisms)
Flash! Bacterial illumination
Isolation of Pure Cultures Of Bacteria (Please, read the safety warnings present inthis website)
Bioluminescence Web sites
Internet Keyword: luminous bacteria luminescent bioluminescence luciferin luciferase.
To find companies which sell strains of microorganisms use the keywords: culturecollection.

Are the insects which fly around lamps at night attracted by light or heat? To find out,use a clothing iron and an electric lamp. The electric lamp produces light with a littleheat, the iron produces only heat. Put both on a table. Keep them at least a meter (abouta yard) apart and with the emitting surfaces turned away from you. Note the differentbehavior of insects. Mask the lamp with plastic sheets of different colors and verify ifbugs are more attracted to a particular color. This is also a method to capture nighttimeinsects, particularly moths, so you can observe them with a lens or a stereoscopicmicroscope.

Photosynthesis (the big picture) - School City of Hobart

Photosynthesis (the big picture) ..

I am so glad I saw your interview with Greg Hunter. What we have seen since 9-11 and before is that people are in fear of questioning the Power Elite. This entire geo-engineering situation is so illogical that normal humans could not possibly agree to doing these things unless they are threatened or in fear of something. I am beginning to think that Aliens have either taken over at the higher levels or they are controlling these people and want to occupy this planet after we are all gone. Sounds crazy I know, but how else could this many people justify these insane actions?

Pratt and Whitney aeronomics getting an injection of 80 million from Canadian Taxpayers to make these Quieter Engines for aircraft. That should tell you something. Maybe they will be Quieter when they are spraying the Toxic Chemicals over your head. I have to shake my head when the weather reporters say Lake Effect snow off the lake. They must have been extremely busy in the Phillipines fuelling up that Typhoon with the Chemtrails. Doesn’t matter what you call it. Conspiracy Theory, Geoengineering, Chemtrails. The fact is there are Patents for this and have been for years. Enjoy that Sht weather folks while choking on this Sht Spray. I like the Heavy Metal video by Don Felder You Tube. I have come to the conclusion that people don’t give a Rat’s Ass about being Sprayed like Rats. The only people that do are reading this.

What else should we remember about photosynthesis
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    17/01/2018 · For photosynthesis to occur, plants need sunlight, water, carbon dioxide and chlorophyll

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  • water is needed for plants to grow

    Conditions for photosynthesis

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Question Bank of Biology Questions and Answers - 3

Ponds are among the richest and the most interesting natural environments to observe. Tomake a pond it is sufficient to have a garden or, a meadow or a wood near your home. It isnot necessary to be large, a square meter (9 square feet) of surface is sufficient, buttwo(18 sq. ft.) are better. Find a shady position in the garden. Dig a hole of about 2square meters, 50 cm(2 feet) deep. At least one side, the border has to gently slope downto allow to little animals to enter and leave, for hedgehogs and opossums to drink and tobirds to bath without being too deep. Put some sand in the bottom. Leave the grass on theside. Bare roots are okay. Waterproof the hole with a tarpaulin of white PVC. Why white?Because you can see aquatic animals better when they come near the shore. Cover the borderof the tarpaulin with the grass sod. Allow the tarpaulin to extend for at least 40 cm (16inches) beyond the sloping shore. In this position you can keep the water in such a way tocreate the typical conditions of a marsh. Fill up the pond with tap water and shovel somesand or soil in the bottom: they will benefit the aquatic plants. Go to a natural pond ormarsh and collect some aquatic plants. If it is possible, carry some gallons of water fromthe pond and pour them into your puddle, which will be enriched with microorganisms,algae, and animals, which live in ponds. In few days, your little pond will become greenwith algae and very rich of protozoa. Rapidly dragonflies will come to lay eggs, boatflies, coleoptera and aquatic spiders also will come. In the spring, frogs and newtswill come to lay eggs. The observation of the life in a pond is fascinating. You canremain for hours watching the organisms, which live in this ecosystem. Buy books torecognize the organisms that live in the ponds. See bibliography (5, 6). These texts willalso give you also useful information on the habits of these plants and animals. For anexercise, note your observations in a book, glue pictures, and sketch drawings. Everyyear, during the fall, you should clear out the pond. Shovel out the stinking mud, washthe tarpaulin, or changed it if it leaks, put some tap water, winter rain will supply theremaining part. In spite of what shopkeepers will tell you, your pond does not need pumpsto circulate water, nor aerators, nor falls, nor fountains, nor anything else. The pond isbetter to be as natural as possible. Little ponds of private gardens are very important toamphibians. Avoid introducing fish. They will eat the eggs of the amphibians and thetadpoles. Moreover, the newts will keep the pond free from the mosquito larvae. When thereare tadpoles, your pond will be visited by water snakes, with difficulty you will noticeof them!... and --- don't be frightened: they are harmless!
Pond Links
Pond Links
Multiple Microhabitat Pond Microcosm (good cross section of a pond)
A Large Pond
Pond Construction
Building a Pond
"Pond" Cultures of Microscopic Invertebrates
Internet keywords: pond building homemade.

Answer questions asked by users of Biology Questions and Answers.

2. Landfill and water seepage: Please note that although landfill is an old technique it has been developed so much that now it is known as Engineered Landfill. Landfills are very different from wild dumps where there is a danger of water seepage. In landfill there are membranes and seepage water collection system thus there is no threat to under ground water table if properly designed landfill is used. Further more if compost plant is added to landfill (which CDA is going to do) the life of landfill rises almost 5 times thus saying that landfill will serve for 25 years only was wrong, it will definitely serve for 70-100 years if compost plant operates.

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