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The mcdonaldization of society thesis

I will be discussing whether McDonaldization is to be expected, accepted, rejected or is inevitable....

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McDonaldization of society | Custom PHD Thesis

As we have seen, globalization seems to be both creative and destructive; but distinguishing its positive from its negative effects is a demanding and controversial exercise. One conceptual framework which provides insight into this problem is human needs theory as applied by John Burton to the study of social conflict. Burton explains that in analyzing conflict one must distinguish among needs, values and interests. In trying to resolve disputes it should be understood that only interests are negotiable in the short run; while values can only change over the long run in an atmosphere of security and non-discrimination, and needs cannot be negotiated away under any circumstances (Burton, 1990: 36-41). The implications of this formulation are far-reaching. For instance, it suggests: "...that there are limits to the extent to which the human person, acting separately or within a wider ethnic or national community, can be socialized or manipulated..."; and "...that there are human development needs that must be satisfied and catered for by institutions, if these institutions are to be stable, and if societies are to be significantly free of conflict" (1990: 23).

McDonaldization is the idea that our society is becoming more efficient and more fast paced.

After she had completed her PhD, Dr. Leaf worked with teachers and students in low income areas and squatter camps in South Africa. The individuals she worked came to school contending with poverty, abuse, hunger and social violence. Many students were orphaned by AIDS. These students, hungry to learn, worked hard and saw their grades improving with Dr. Leaf’s Geodesic Learning Theory. The self-evaluative and executive skills, alongside the academic performance, improved among these students: the schools were transformed. One high school student, a 24 year old pimp and drug dealer, said “Dr. Leaf, now I know what to do with my pen.” He went on to graduate high school, and became a change agent in his community.

The mcdonaldization thesis explorations and extensions …

“The McDonaldization Thesis: Is expansion inevitable?” International Sociology 11 (1996), 291-308.

Each expert paints a dismal picture of American birthing and emphasizes the frequent overuse of medical procedures in what are otherwise potentially normal deliveries.

It is obvious that the disease model of mental health, with its accompanying concept of chemical imbalance and drug use, is not succeeding, as we have more individuals suffering from mental health issues than ever before in human history. Although there has been a 400% increase in anti-depressant use alone since the 1990s, with a similar rise in the use of neuroleptics, more and more people are being locked away in mental health institutions and more and more adults and children are being put on dangerous, mind-altering substances [34]. It is high time for a change.

The McDonaldization Thesis PDF George Ritzer - …

This chapter assesses the Starbucks phenomenon and concludes that while it is important, it is largely a variant on McDonaldization.

Effective learning involves both the right and left brain working in a synergistic way. We need to understand the why and the what, the big picture and the detail, the gist as well as the content of a story.

As mentioned in the previous section, prayer “..keeps our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7). We will briefly explore what this means for the brain.

Key in every birth is a commitment to doing what's best for mother and baby, regardless of pre-planned agendas.
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    McDonaldization of society

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    George Ritzer introduced the concept of McDonaldization with his 6998 book, The McDonaldization of Society

  • The McDonaldization Thesis : Explorations and Extensions

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The McDonaldization Thesis | SAGE India

Nearly ever aspect of today’s society has been affected by McDonaldization including the restaurant business, education, work, healthcare, travel, leisure, dieting, politics and the family (Ritzer, 1996, 1)....

McDonaldization of Society Essay | Bartleby

McDonaldization is “the process by which the principles of the fast food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of America society as well as the rest of the world” (Ritzer, 1996, 1).

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And one of its most often noted effects is the homogenization of consumer markets around the world, at least in certain areas--the so-called "McDonaldization" of global consumption.

For Synthesising - The Mcdonaldization Thesis Is …

Although McDonaldization can be applied to many other parts of our society, this paper will focus on its impact on Burger King and Taco Bell restaurants....

The McDonaldization Thesis: Explorations and …

Critics also argue that there is a neo-liberal ideology of globalization which serves to "normalize" the process - to make it seem natural, inevitable and beneficial. Thus, while it is clearly in the particular interest of big multinational and global corporations to be free to move money, factories and goods around the planet seeking access to the cheapest factors of production, the most congenial regulatory environments and the most lucrative markets, the ideology of globalization promotes the belief that the interests of humanity and even of the earth itself will also be best served if world markets are "..left unfettered by ethical, moral, social, or environmental considerations." (Ritchie, 1996)
In an analysis of the North American Trade Association as a case study of both the ideology and practice of globalization, economist Robert MacEwan presents data from the United States and Mexico to substantiate what he calls the "social failures" which are produced by the trade pact: greater income inequality, environmental damage and the decline of democratic control:

Resisting McDonaldization | PHD Thesis Writing …

Though one should not necessarily take all this criticism at face value, it does reflect what can go wrong as corporations and capital have acquired the means to move and operate on a much broader scale. Furthermore, it conveys a sense of alarm that the nation-state as an institutional structure cannot cope effectively with these new developments, and, in fact, finds its own priorities and policies heavily influenced, if not dictated, by them. The question then arises, who will articulate and defend the public interest against the global reach of private financial and commercial interests, when the latter go too far? For instance, all but the most laissez-faire of economic thinking argue that governments must intervene to protect the public when markets fail, i.e. when they are no longer free and competitive. However, efforts to implement such a strategy at the global level, through various multilateral and international institutions, have achieved little. Consequently, world markets have become increasingly concentrated in major sectors.

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