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My hypothesis for an explanation suggests that the ..

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Teachability index What is your "Teachability index"

What is knowledge? How can we distinguish facts from belief, opinion or falsehood? These, too, are questions we will have to put off until later, because they involve us in controversies over authority. For our purposes we will assume that there is consensus that accepts something as knowledge even if only vaguely expressed at a sloganistic level. For example there is probably a broad consensus that Earth has a moon. But whether that moon is thought to be a natural satellite of earth, a supernatural being, or an object hanging from the dome of the sky would depend upon whom we have questioned about its nature. To avoid such complications for the moment, our concern here will be only with how "facts" are thought to be best organized.

Learn about Stephen Krashen's input hypothesis as well as the major criticism of the hypothesis.

To assess character traits Kiel defined four keystone characters traits that supported that definition: integrity (telling the truth, acting consistently), responsibility (admitting mistakes, concern for common good), forgiveness (letting go of mistakes of others and ourselves, focusing on what’s right) and compassion (empathizing with and empowering others, caring for others, committed to others’ development).

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These results present counter-evidence to the prediction of the Teachability Hypothesis
that instruction only on the next stage can aid learners to advance to subsequent developmental

Overall, the results offer further cross-linguistic support for the PT hierarchy, while
refuting one of its corollaries, the Teachability Hypothesis.

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This research also shows that more advanced instruction can still be helpful in exposing learners to what they will soon be able to integrate into their interlanguage.
What does this mean?
There is a predicted development between these two aspects of German second language acquisition.
What does this say about the teachability hypothesis?

In addition, two models
that predict how instruction can affect staged language development are tested: the Teachability
Hypothesis (Pienemann, 1984, 1989), which says that instruction will only be effective if aimed
at the next developmental stage and Projection Model (Zobl, 1983, 1985), which claims that
instruction on more marked items can project to less marked, related items.
In Study 1, the specific stages for L2 Spanish morphology and syntax were proposed and
tested on a cross-sectional corpus of conversational data by learners (n=21) with L1 English.
Implicational scaling confirmed the five stages for the syntax and morphology with 100%

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    These results present counter-evidence to the prediction of the Teachability Hypothesis that instruction only on ..

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    (Teachability Hypothesis (cf

  • GRIN - The role of grammar in language teaching

    The Foundations of Curriculum

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Psychological Constraints on the Teachability of …

We can compare these findings to natural GSL acquisition
Three Stages
Results of Formal GSL Compared to Previous Natural GSL Research
- Word order: acquisition pattern in both contexts is the same

- Morphological: pattern is mostly the same, there are some differences, but they may be linked to external factors
Further Evidence from Study 2
What was this study hoping to achieve?
To test the usefulness for a psycholinguistically motivated syllabus
To test the Teachablility Hypothesis
To test the hypothesis and its connection to the interlocking of morphology and syntax in SLA
Open Questions and Discussion
Purpose was to determine the overall stage of language acquisition of a learner.
Note: This research has only
been examined in a very
preliminary manner
The findings of the second study are summarized in table 10

o All 12 interlanguages were developed in exact accordance with natural GSL acquisition as well as with the three learners analyzed in the first study.

Psychological Constraints on the Teachability of Languages* ..

Why then is mathematics usually taught as though logical structure were the most important part of it? And why do people in other disciplines attempt to mimic mathematics in its logical form? For basically two reasons. First, it is ancient and elegant; it appeals to people brought up in certain traditions. Second, many people believe that it is pedagogically efficient to use some logical organization in subject matter. But what is "logical" may be very much a matter of culture or tradition. (Piagetian theory postulates an invariant universal human logical development. It does not meet the empirical test. See Patricia Teague Ashton, "Cross-Cultural Piagetian Research: An experimental perspective" Harvard Educational Review. 45. 4. [Nov.1975] pp.475-506. )

Testing Processability Theory in L2 Spanish: Can …

The items of a status curriculum provide what we have called in this book symbolic benefits. They support and enhance the formal culture of a group. If we were to ask why such an item is studied, the likely answer would be "Because to be educated, one has to know something about it." Other answers might be that it is enlightening, develops the mind, supports morality, or strengthens character or democracy. Examples might be religious education of all kinds, ethnic studies, English grammar, literature, higher mathematics, history, art, music, high school sciences. In short, anything seen as having intrinsic value, apart from its being required to pursue an occupation.

Can Readiness or Markedness Predict Development?

We might wonder about the great classroom-to-classroom variation in subject matter that John Goodlad reports. (Cf. John Goodlad, A Place Called School pp. 132-138.) History here is may not be History there. Course titles may have as little to say about course content as reform slogans have to say about results. Perhaps this is the reason for recurring concern about the lack of knowledge of American students. In 1985, for example, a panel of nine prominent educators were concerned enough to advise the National Institute of Education to cut back on research on the cognitive development of students so that it should devote a greater percentage of its dollars to define a common core of knowledge for American students. ("Researchers Urge E.D. Effort to Define 'Common Core'" April 24, 1985 , p.9) If there really were broad agreement on what is to be taught, such a recommendation would make no sense.

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