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Salina it is around 28 °C. Autotrophic microalgae drive photosynthesis by the energy from light photons, and due to the shading effect, the microalgae closer to the pond surface are exposed to higher light intensities; hence, the mean value of I is consideredwhere β is the fractional length of a day having daylight (photoperiod), p is the length of a day, and is the vertical distance from the water surface.

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usually the growth limiting ones, are nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon. However, for the purpose of determining N in this analysis, only carbon is considered, because it constitutes a big fraction of the algal biomass. Assuming that all nutrients are abundant except for carbon, a Monod type equation modified for the inhibitory effect of oversupply of CO2 can be used to estimate Nwhere C and s are the half saturation and inhibition constants for CO2, respectively. Autotrophic microalgae acquire carbon by consuming dissolved CO2 supplied artificially and/or from diffusion of atmospheric CO2, hence the balance for the CO2 in the pond water (CO2) iswhere CO2 is the CO2 requirement and is the rate of CO2 supplementation by bubbling CO2 rich gas into the pond water.

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In biology, a lipid is a substance of biological origin that is soluble in nonpolar solvents

Wastewaters derived from municipal, agricultural, and industrial activities potentially could be used for cultivating algal feedstocks either in open ponds or in photobioreactors for algal biofuels and could provide an environmental benefit. Microalgae have been used in wastewater treatment for a long time (Oswald et al., 1957), where they provide photosynthetically produced oxygen for the bacterial breakdown of organic compounds present in the waste (Benemann, 2008). Microalgae have been shown to be effective for wastewater treatment in diverse systems including oxidation (stabilization) ponds and shallow raceway systems and using both phytoplankton and periphyton (Green et al., 1995; Hoffmann, 1998; Pittman et al., 2011; Sandefur et al., 2011). High rate algal ponds (HRAPs), which are shallow, open raceway ponds used for treating municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewater, combine heterotrophic bacterial and photosynthetic algal processes (Park et al., 2011). The ponds allow the growth of high-standing crops of algae, which remove nitrogen and phosphorus from the wastewater (Sturm et al., 2012). The concept of adapting HRAPs for the purpose of biofuel production was proposed more than five decades ago (Oswald and Golueke, 1960). Park et al. (2011) reviewed the potential benefits and opportunities of using HRAPs for wastewater treatment and harvesting the algae for energy or fuel production. The feasibility and scale of such systems will be determined by the amount of wastewater, the availability of land near the facilities generating the wastewater and produced water, and the climatic conditions of the region. (See also .) If wastewater is used, the wastewater treatment rate and the harvesting schedule would determine the maximum volume of ponds or photobioreactors.

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  • Mitigation of carbon dioxide by oleaginous microalgae …

    just wrote a very interesting summary about one of the biggest problem in saltwater aquariums: Cyano bacteria

  • This was likely due to the oversupply ..

    Growth: Growth, the increases in cell size and number that take place during the life history of an organism

  • as they’re not limited by water or nutrients

    Growth is seldom random

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