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The Roles of RNA in the Synthesis of Protein

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What is the role of messenger RNA for the protein synthesis?

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In eukaryotic cells, there are a lot of regulatory mechanisms, which control quality of mRNA in various steps from processing of precursor mRNA (pre-mRNA) in nucleus to translation into protein through cytoplasmic ribosome. Among these processes, RBPs play a primary role in regulating the behavior of the functionally related genes by forming the ribonucleoprotein (RNP) clusters.

08/03/2011 · Explain the role DNA, mRNA, and tRNA, have in protein synthesis?

Once transcribed in nucleus, mRNAs undergo a series of processing (5'-capping, splicing and 3'-polyadenylation) followed by export to cytoplasm mediated by proteins including TAP, RanGTP and RBPs. The RNA export from nucleus to cytoplasm is strictly regulated. During the export process, RBP also plays a primary role for quality control of mRNAs.

Describe the general role of DNA and RNA in protein synthesis.?

Following the RNA export from nucleus to cytoplasm, mRNAs are transported along cytoskeleton to peripheral end with the aid of motor protein (MP) and RBPs that regulate localization of mRNAs. RBPs protect mRNAs from degradation by binding to their target mRNAs during the localization. In this manner, the mRNA localization in cytoplasm is regulated to enable the efficient translation, which occurs at the "right place" on the "right time". Recent studies have shown that RBPs play an important role in regulation of mRNA translation with spacio-temporal manner.

A non-coding RNA (ncRNA) is a functional RNA molecule that is not translated into a protein, whereas a mRNA is translated into a protein. The ncRNAs include highly abundant and functionally important RNAs such as transfer RNA (tRNA), ribosomal RNA (rRNA), as well as small ncRNA and long ncRNA. The main classes of small ncRNAs are miRNA, short interfering RNA (siRNA), and PIWI-interacting RNA (piRNA), and all of them play an important role in RNA interference (RNAi) pathway. Many reports suggest that long ncRNAs are involved in structure of functional nuclear domain.

Ch 13 RNA and Protein Synthesis | Rna | Translation …

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