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That's whywe call it PHOTOsynthesis.

SKIL - Learn How Sugar Is Made

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we need water for photosynthesis).

A typical sugar content for mature cane would be 10% by weight but the figure depends on the variety and varies from season to season and location to location. Equally, the yield of cane from the field varies considerably but a rough and ready overall value to use in estimating sugar production is 100 tons of cane per hectare or 10 tons of sugar per hectare.

Answers &explanations can be found in the extremely secret answer area (no peeking!).

Most of the energyreleased both by the burning of fossil fuels and by the metabolism ofliving cells is given off as heat and must be replaced by thecontinued input of radiant energy from the Sun.The principal organic products of plant photosynthesis arecarbohydrates.

source of energy forphotosynthesis

is both a reactant &product of photosynthesis

Great question! Plants produce oxygen, becausewhen they photosynthesize, they take carbondioxide (CO2; a gas-form of carbonbonded to two oxygen molecules) and water(H2O; an oxygen bonded to two hydrogenatoms) and combine them using light energy toproduce sugars and oxygen. This stores the energyin chemical bonds (in the sugars) and releasesO2.The chemical equation for thisis:6CO2 + 6H2C6H12O6(sugar) +6O2

Plants can do two importantthings:
Use energy from the sun to turnCO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O(water) into sugar(C6H12O6) withoxygen (O2) left over. This isphotosynthesis.

the cell organelle wherephotosynthesis occurs

an organism that cansynthesize organic materials using materials in its environment

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the green pigment inplant cells that absorbs sunlight
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  • The waxy coating onthe surface of a leaf is the ....


  • Water is lost from theleaves of plants through openings called ...

    The quick answer to your question is thatoxygen is just a waste product when plants dophotosynthesis.

  • The raw materials neededfor photosynthesis include ...

    photosynthestic Protists

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Which word equation summarizesphotosynthesis?

The energy provided bycoal, oil, and gas comes from photosynthesis carried on by plants ofearlier times and preserved down through the ages, to be released bycombustion in modern industrial processes.

Autotrophic activityin plant cells occur in organelles called ...

What do the "black dots"represent?

Write the number &name of the principle area of photosynthesis.

Formation of the simple carbohydrate glucose is shownby the equationThe molecules of glucose produced are usually linked with othermolecules to form more complex carbohydrates.

Which number indicateswhere oxygen exits the leaf?

Without photosynthesis, not only would replenishment of thefundamental food supply halt but the Earth would eventually becomedevoid of oxygen.Just as the organic molecules in the bodies of living organismscontain energy converted by photosynthesis from the energy of theSun, so do the molecules of fossil fuels.

Write the number &function of the cuticle.

What we call sugar, the chemist knows as 'sucrose', one of the family of sugars otherwise known as saccharides in the grouping called carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, as the name implies, contain carbon and hydrogen plus oxygen in the same ratio as in water. The saccharides is a large family with the general formula CnH2nOn. The simplest of the sugars is glucose, C6H12O6, although its physical chemistry is not that simple because it occurs in two distinct forms which affect some of its properties. Sucrose, C12H22O11, is a disaccharide, a condensation molecule made up of two glucose molecules [less a water molecule to make the chemistry work].

What do the "black dots"represent?

Sugar is produced in 121 Countries and global production now exceeds 120 Million tons a year. Approximately 70% is produced from , a very tall grass with big stems which is largely grown in the tropical countries. The remaining 30% is produced from , a root crop resembling a large parsnip grown mostly in the temperate zones of the north.

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