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I had a TKR in March, 2013. Was skin tested for metal allergies – still became allergic to Nickel in implant (BEWARE- be blood tested before TKR). Toxins sent me on downhill spiral and ended up with upper muscle loss, pain everywhere (still do) and had to have revision(10 months) in January 2014. I am so weak and so down…feel like end of the world. Suffer so much – no appetite and cannot take so many meds due to sensitive and allergic. On Warfarin so no NSAIDS to help inflammation -any suggestions as to what I could take, what I can do to help my cause. Any advice would be appreciated. Been in constant pain for year now – ready to give up but know that is coward’s way out. If anyone has some hope they might share……please do so. I really need some positive feedback – or any feedback. Did 6 weeks outpatient PT….got to 117 ROM – nearly killed me. Not going back but do work out at home. Trying the rocking chair. Cry so much, depression – have ruined my life. Never, ever any pain like this before surgery. Just needed new knees – bone on bone and wanted before I got any older. I am 72 but was a hard working 72 – know family, friends hate to even call me. So many prayers out there for me. Please, please help me if you know any solutions to any of this including gaining appetite back once again. God bless each of you suffering with TKR pain or any pain. I know HE cares. I want my life back and pain gone. Can walk less than 10 minutes….cannot stand to cook, shop, etc. Have not cooked a meal in a year now. Bless my precious husband….he is my life now. Xrays look ok this time but they did before. Did not find allergy until Metal LTT Analysis testing in Chicago. Told them I could not wear nickel earrings…did not know they put nickel in until I got so bad and asked. Insisted on other testing. Was devastated when knew I had to have revision. Anyone had revision – how did you do……any revision due to allergy. Would love to hear. This sounds like a book – could not write anything this bad if I tried. Again……God be with all of you. Thank you for website.

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Hi, I’m 67 year old female, had TKR ON Feb. 10. I was so glad to find your site and started reading from the top! Quite a variety of differences in recovery. I have been doing very well and have gotten my ROM up to 123 today at PT. I was able to leave the cane the beginning of March???? I am putting Mederma on the scar and it is looking great! I can hardly find where the bottom of it stops! My question is, when will the scar stop being sore? My swelling is almost gone, but when I touch the scar, it is sore to the touch. I have been off pain pills since mid March. I am a golfer and have started back yp playing, gradually moving from 9 to 18 holes! Since the right leg is going do well, i plan to have the left on done next Feb. I already have the appointment.

Hi Patricia,
Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment about tkr recuperation, especially sleep and pain. I’ve written about this numerous times throughout my site. Do a search and find posts about it.
You can also purchase my book titled “Dealing With Insomnia After a TKR”, which contains over 100+ real-life patient stories. For more info, visit my Storefront page. There’s bound to be some useful info in my book to help you realize you are not alone.
Keep in touch and good luck!

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Hi all. I am 8 wks out. I am definately in phase 2. Dr visit this past Tuesday, Dr. says your doing great!! Now no dancing, or running yet. I THOUGHT I WOULD PEE MY PANTS LAUGHING AT HIM!!!! 1. I never have been a runner not starting now. 2. I COULDN’T DO ANY OF THAT IF I WANTED TOO. He must be nuts……
I will be glad when I get to the point where I can dance or run if I WANTED to. He has obviously never had this surgery performed on his knee!!!!
Thanks for all the info. It has truely been helpful to me.

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