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Why is photosynthesis important to heterotrophs

The process takes place in the leaves of green plants, this is what the leaves are for.

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Why photosynthesis is important

*Effect of plants on Aquarium Cycling:

As mentioned earlier, many plants such as Hornwort also remove nitrogenous waste.
I usually do not add all the plants I desire until the aquarium is fully cycled (regardless of method used), which is usually 2-3 weeks.
The plants will help carry the waste load vs. an aquarium without plants, in fact in a heavily planted aquarium, it is quite common for the plants to remove all nitrogenous compounds before bacteria can act upon these, thus neutralizing any bacteria based bio filter.

I personally like to see at least some bacteria establish it self before a full load of plants are added (but there are others with have no problem with such a method). Having plants in the beginning does help keep the dangers of ammonia (NH3) or Nitrites (NO2) from building to toxic levels, which allows for a quicker addition of fish to your aquarium.

What heavily planted aquarium keepers should be aware of is that if the plants suddenly shut down their photosynthesis and all nutrient uptake, this can result in sudden ammonia spikes. This includes light failures, medication or certain medication combinations, or any other factor that neutralizes plant bio functioning. For this reason, having a seeded bio filter, even if in another aquarium that can be moved over is important. The AAP Hydro Sponge Filters are excellent for such a use.

I think this because light is the most important thing needed for photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is the process by which phototrophs convert carbon
dioxide and water into simple carbohydrates and oxygen in the presence
of chlorophyll, using sunlight.

Why Is Photosynthesis So Important to Plants? | …

Photosynthesis is important because animals eat food, as it is a source of energy.

My recommendation in the past as it pertains to Stability & the other similar products is to use it as an aid in cycling of new aquariums or (better) as a boost when the bio load of an aquarium suddenly “jumps’ for whatever reason, NOT a primary way to cycle your aquarium.
HOWEVER, a new study that AAP has sponsored, had results with a controlled test where Stability beat even Fritz-Zyme in results, something even I did not expect, but this is where a SCIENCE BASED EXPERIMENT TRUMPS OBSERVATION EVERY TIME!

Here is a link to this study, please note that the data records are very well documented and there is no fudging of data as well as is so common today's politically and corporately driven science!

Another product on the market by a reputable company; SeaChem, is “Stability”.SeaChem claims this to be a synergistic blend of aerobic (including encapsulated oxygen Autotrophs), anaerobic, and facultative bacteria.
To purchase, see:

What SeaChem provides is an autotrophic nitrifying bacteria that would normally shut down and become dormant until oxygen and ammonia/nitrite again become available that normally takes considerable time to revive (they can last for years in this state), that revive relatively quickly.
In the meantime the quick acting faculative bacteria temporarily act as the agents of nitrification, however facultative bacteria are NOT the primary bacteria of nitrification and are mostly Heterotrophs of which I discussed the differences earlier in the article, so use of this product for cycling is helpful, it should not be used as a crutch for adding fish too quickly.

(photosynthesis) or inorganic chemical reactions (chemosynthesis)

Reaction: photosynthesis of Canadian pondweed (Elodea) Introduction- what is photosynthesis.

This quote shows that photosynthesis is the most essential part of the exchange between humans and plants because it produces all the resources we need.

As a negative to the aged bio-filter media, this simply may not be possible for a new aquarium owner who has no friends to obtain aged filter media or if one does not trust a Fish Stores (or even a friend) aquarium health for obtaining aged/seasoned filter media. In this case, I would recommend one of the next two methods.

Further seasoned media cycling method tips

An ammonia spike is not uncommon with the use of seasoned media for there to be an ammonia spike when more fish are added, often this spike may take a several days depending on the amount of fish added as well as the bio load that the seasoned media has grown to handle.

Generally this is not too much of a concern, but the use of Prime, cutting back on feeding, and definitely placing the addition of any other fish "on hold" until the nitrifying bacteria "catch up" with the new bio load are good practices.

As an example of what happens (and this is NOT scientific, just an analogy):

If say you added a sponge filter from a 20 gallon tank that is fully seeded to another 20 gallon tank that is brand new or restarted after bleaching.
This seasoned Sponge filter for the sake of argument carried 50% of the bio load (assuming another exact filter), in theory you could only stock this new tank to 50%.
If the seasoned filter only carried 25% of the bio load from the tank it was removed from, then you could only initially stock the new tank to 25% initially.

I should note that with the use of seasoned filter media, generally the nitrifying filter media will quickly colonize the rest of the tank, so waiting 6-8 weeks to add more fish is rarely necessary (at least I have never observed this in many trials using seasoned filter media).

The process of photosynthesis provides plants with the food and energy they need to grow.
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  • 06/12/2007 · Why is photosynthesis important

    Photosynthesis is the process of converting light energy into chemical potential energy and storing it as starch....

  • That's why without photosynthesis animals would have nothing to eat..

    Plants need to be adapted so that maximum light energy is absorbed and therefore maximum photosynthesis occurs.

  • Why is photosynthesis important to you

    Solar Radiation Key Discoveries of Photosynthetic Process Structure of Chloroplasts Function of Chloroplasts A.

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Why is Photosynthesis So Important

We have also learnt that photosynthesis is a vital process that occurs in order to create glucose and oxygen, by transforming carbon dioxide and water in the presence of light energy.

3 reasons why photosynthesis is important to humans

This desire to discover new ways of producing clean energy has lead scientists at Stanford University and other universities to discover a way to harness the electricity produced during the process of photosynthesis.

why then would animals need photosynthesis

* "Dry" Cycling Products; there are many powered cycling products such as API Pond Zyme and the aquarium "EcoBio-Block".
These are again only Heterotrophs (due to the drying process) and these products are best used during times of bio stress or for "sludge clean up" (often followed by a water change).
These products be used on a regular basis, otherwise natural healthy nitrifying bacteria will be 'out competed', resulting in an unstable aquarium or pond nitrogen cycle.

PLEASE reference this article for more information to back up what I am saying:

Why Is Photosynthesis So Important to Plants

6CO + 6H O ® C H O + 12O (in the presence of light energy and chlorophyll) Aim- The aim of the experiment is to determine what effect light intensity has upon the rate of photosynthesis of Canadian Pondweed (Elodea)....

Why is studying photosynthesis important

Thus, shaded leave having adaptations for capturing the
low intensities of sunlight are not designed for optimal
photosynthesis when given full exposure to direct sunlight.

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