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All that is left to do now is activate your child theme.

awesome themes thanks !

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It can be applied to any theme.

I would just like to echo this
Thank you!
After seeing again and again how important a child theme is, it’s a huge relief to find someone who explains it clearly and directly!

Amazing Thesis Skins !!!Thanks for Sharing. I’d like to prefer Foxynews theme for my website

I need the Home page to go away; the Headquarters page has to be first in the nav pane and have all the home page sidebars and posts on it. I had it all set up and now just don’t know what went wrong, but it only happened after I made the child theme.

If you want to use the child theme, activate the child.

As you can see, my active theme is “twentyeleven”, so I created a “twentyeleven-child” folder.

I tried to follow your instructions to a “T” but I must have missed something. I’m getting an error that says,the child theme is installed but it is incomplete because the “Stylesheet is missing.” Do you have any idea what I need to do to fix this issue?

I saw the theme in my theme listing and activated it, and now my site looks like it disappeared. I can see my url and my favicon – but nothing else shows up – the page is completely blank. What did I do wrong?

It tells me that the theme template is missing!how do i fix this?

at appearance/themes i do not see a place to activate, this is what i seeBroken Themes

If you follow the process to the letter then it should work fine, so there must either be an error in the process or something wrong with your theme. Either way, I’m afraid I can’t help (although I would suggest that you check over your process carefully). Sorry!

Theme Name: Prana Child
Theme URI: (Administrator edit: link removed)
Description: This is a custom child theme I have created to alter the colors on the navigation bar.
Author: APalmer
Author URI: (Administrator edit: link removed)
Template: prana
Version: 0.1

Any ideas? Am using wordpress with woocommerce and a themify theme called flatshop
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  • Do I copy and paste the files from the parent theme?

    Fortunately, creating a child theme is a piece of cake – all you need to do is create one folder, and one file.

  • how to add extra sidebars in new wordpress default theme?

    Just hit “Activate”, and your child theme will go live! Your child theme will then be shown as the active theme:

  • Proudly powered by WordPress Theme: Skylark by Blank Themes.

    As you can now see, creating a child theme is extremely simple, and you have no excuse not to do so.

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Sounds like you’re missing the import funciton in your child theme..

I am creating my customize theme as its shown on then list theme selection but it’s not working properly….. So what i will do?????? Please help me its very urgent……..

public_html/wp-content/themes/widezine package/widezine

Great Article!!! I think concept of creating child theme has been in use no popularly. Since WordPress give the freedom to change theme anytime, its better to make again a new theme. The advanced theme generators like TemplateToaster making it more easy for users.

I still get the parent theme missing message in WP.

Now my question is this:
WHY? do I have to; “…just make a copy of it, and paste that copy into your child theme’s directory.” It is a parent PHP file. Why add it to the child theme. If I edit a specific parent PHP file and then save it, why do I need to add it to the child? Their are other parent PHP files, but I don’t add them to the child.

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It’s unlikely that the child activation did this. Do you have a security plugin like Wordfence that could have rolled back the change? Did you update the parent theme?

Theme Directory — Free WordPress Themes

Bill, this is because your parent’s theme, if ever updated, may overwrite the code you changed in the parent’s php files. The whole purpose of the child theme is to preserve your changes so they never get overwritten when the theme gets updated or modified.

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Hello there, I’m trying to get the hang of this, but there is something in the concept of child themes that I can’t really understand: If I’m using some default theme (21014 for instance) and want to add some plugins that wil be extensively used (like visual Composer, or Wp-Courseware)… then what should I do? Install them on the Parent theme, and then make a Child theme for all subsequent tweaks, or should I leave the Parent Theme with just 2014 (and “default Plugins…askimet etc…) and Create a Child theme to Install those Plugins and any subsequent Tweak?

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What if applying a child affects aspects in your interface. I have 1 issue with the post template option dropdown box going inactive when applying any child themes. goes empty when child themes are applied running WordPress 4.3.1

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