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Causal Analysis Argument about the Media
Causal Analysis Argument about the Media
In Module/Week 5, you will write a 1000-word (3–4-page) causal analysis essay in response to one of the following prompts:
• Select an image(s) from an electronic source that exemplifies your position on the effect of television in American culture. Your argument must show that a cause-and-effect relationship does or does not exist between TV and behavior, health, intelligence, or morality, etc.
• Select an image(s) from an electronic source that you think exemplifies your position on the effect of advertising on American youth. What do advertisements tell young people they should value? Argue a causal relationship between American advertising and the attitudes and behaviors of American youth.

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In Module/Week 5, you will write an approximately 1000-word (3–4-page) causal analysis essay in response to one of the following prompts:
• Select an image(s) from an electronic source that exemplifies your position on the effect of television in American culture. Your argument should try to show

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ESSAY 2: CAUSAL ANALYSIS ARGUMENT ABOUT THE MEDIA INSTRUCTIONS. In Module/Week 5, you will write an approximately 1000-word (3–4-page) causal …

Successful causal analysis essay will provide the writer with clarifications of his views on specific situations. The most beneficial thing for both reader and writer is to obtain the understanding of the reasons why something happens the way it does.

As a rule, a successful causal analysis is all about seeking for something which is more than just the most obvious causes. The writer should dig deeper and use the complex thinking to develop more ultimate causes.

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The Language of Thought Hypothesis

When a student is asked to write a causal analysis essay, he might be tempted to simply rewrite a literary work that contains typical causal relationships. This is not a surprising occurrence since this type of essay, also called a cause and effect essay deals with how things work or the relationship between two situations where one causes the effect on another. To avoid the mistake of virtually copying an essay with similar content, one should strive to write an original essay that has the elements of a cause and effect situation. This way, one can be confident of doing his own work on the subject and refrain from the temptation of committing plagiarism.

We did write about him, in a for The New York Times Magazine. It was called “.” It became one of the most popular things we ever wrote, I think, because it asked a very basic question: is the thing that we all call talent perhaps grotesquely overrated?

How to write a Cause and Effect Essay: format, structure, topics, outline, examples
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How to Write a Causal Analysis Essay

To ease the task, the writer may decide on the most appropriate pattern and build the so-called causal chain. This pattern should be focused on the logical succession of causes. This is the logical line. For example, free attendance of the college leads to the fact that students do not attend the classes very often, which leads to the fact that they fail the tests. The effect is failing the classes.

How to Write a Causal Analysis Essay ..

Trying to answer the above mentioned questions the writer should decide whether the single cause has a single effect, or there are several effects, in fact. Depending upon the situation, the result could be influenced by a great amount of consequences, and many factors need to be considered. Each unconsidered factor can influence the outcome and explain the situation from some other point of view.

Material to Write Causal Research Paper

The basic thing about writing as causal analysis essay is that one must have a believable thesis or a proposition that people would think can possibly be true. Any topic that is likely to be false cannot capture any reader’s attention and would be a boring essay even if it is a well-written one. In reading the essay, the reader is interested in the how some situations affect other circumstances that he can relate to. Otherwise, the reader will not bother to read the essay because it does not appeal to any of his sensibilities. Writing is not really a difficult job; it is the forming of ideas or the building of a concept that is hard to accomplish. Once a writer has decided on a concept to write on, it is relatively easy for him to write about what he knows or what he believes in.

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When writing the essay, the writer is advised to be specific about the cause that brings about a particular effect. This is to avoid confusing the reader if there are so many causes that produce the same effect. Some causes are not major factors that cause the effect but are simply events that happen simultaneously with the effects. It is good to list down the causes and effects that one wants to write about before starting to write about them. It is actually difficult for one to analyze the cause and effect relationships of situations or actions when he is in process of writing the essay. It is important to first organize the facts and their purported causal relationships before starting to write a causal analysis essay.

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