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xylanolyticus has a differential regulation for the synthesis of the two xylanases.

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and IRX14 genes and their roles in xylan biosynthesis.

Jensen JK, Kim H, Cocuron JC, et al. (2011) The DUF579 domain containing proteins IRX15 and IRX15‐L affect xylan synthesis in Arabidopsis. Plant Journal 66: 387–400.

Regulation of xylanase I can be interpreted as constitutive synthesis under catabolite control.

Pena MJ, Zhong R, Zhou G‐K et al. (2007) Arabidopsis irregular xylem8 and irregular xylem9: implications for the complexity of glucuronoxylan biosynthesis. The Plant Cell 19: 549–563.

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Lee C, Zhong R, Richardson EA et al. (2007b) The PARVUS gene is expressed in cells undergoing secondary wall thickening and is essential for glucuronoxylan biosynthesis. Plant & Cell Physiology 48: 1659–1672.

The mechanism of control of xylanolytic enzyme synthesis varies considerably among different microorganisms as is revealed by an analysis of literature data.

An Update on Xylan Synthesis: Molecular Plant

Xylanase I production did not seem to be induced by a direct product of xylan degradation, but was constitutively synthesized when no easily metabolizable sugars were present, and enough energy was available for the cells (Fig.

Brown DM, Goubet F, Wong VW et al. (2007) Comparison of five xylan synthesis mutants reveals new insight into the mechanisms of xylan synthesis. The Plant Journal 52: 1154–1168.

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  • Xylan Biosynthesis: News from the Grass | Plant Physiology

    xylanolyticus X5-1 is able to fine time its xylanase synthesis according to demand.

  • Xylan Biosynthesis in Plants, Simply Complex | …

    T1 - Enzymatic synthesis of alkyl xylobioside and xyloside from xylan and alcohol

  • Xylan synthesized by Irregular Xylem 14 ..

    We have found several glycosyltransferases functioning in xylan synthesis through genetic characterization.

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Synthesis of Furfural from Xylose and Xylan - Europe …

Hao ZY and Mohnen D (2014) A review of xylan and lignin biosynthesis: foundation for studying Arabidopsis irregular xylem mutants with pleiotropic phenotypes. Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 49: 212–241.

Route for the synthesis of furfural from xylan

The uptake of D- arabinose and the other sugars must therefore be involved in the repression of xylanase synthesis or the sugars themselves are direct repressors (Fig.

Synthesis of Furfural from Xylose and Xylan - DeepDyve

The enzyme belongs to the Streptomyces purpurascens -type of α-L- arabinofuranosidase.The synthesis of the multimeric α-L-arabinofuranosidase in B. xylanolyticus X5-1 was regulated.

Synthesis of Acylated Xylan-Based Magnetic Fe3O4 ..

Wu AM, Rihouey C, Seveno M, et al. (2009) The Arabidopsis IRX10 and IRX10‐LIKE glycosyltransferases are critical for glucuronoxylan biosynthesis during secondary cell wall formation. Plant Journal 57: 718–731.


The fact that the acetyl esterase was mainly synthesized when the organism was grown on xylan, makes it probable that it plays a role in the degradation of xylan.

"Xylan synthesis from uridine-diphosphate-D …

Wu AM, Hornblad E, Voxeur A, et al. (2010) Analysis of the Arabidopsis IRX9/IRX9‐L and IRX14/IRX14‐L pairs of glycosyltransferase genes reveals critical contributions to biosynthesis of the hemicellulose glucuronoxylan. Plant Physiology 153: 542–554.

Two Arabidopsis proteins synthesize acetylated xylan in vitro.

By having different induction mechanisms for the synthesis of the xylanolytic enzymes, this organism is able to adapt specifically to the environmental conditions.

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