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These are the results of binge drinking.

Binge drinking has become an accepted part of the college experience for many students.

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Insecurity is another incentive as to why students binge drink.

4, 548-55. This article reveals that the association between alcohol consumption and academic performance for college students and are same to the above discussed articles. According to Singleton (2007), alcohol consumption among college students is on the increase thus affecting the GPA. The survey indicates that the relationship between alcohol consumption and grades creates negative impacts on women more than it does on men. The study was designed to examine the trend of college study and alcohol drinking in studies. Diverse literature reviews were conducted and different methodology was used as well as findings were presented. It evaluates on personal interview surveys that was conducted in four semesters by sampling students randomly. The interviews were meant to evaluate and measure the use of alcohol to both genders in order to obtain GPA samples. It was discovered that the amount of drug, which was consumed by both genders, was significantly correlated to GPA. An evaluation of the article results to the conclusion, alcohol affects concentration, reduces study time and on the long run destroys important neuron-connections in the brain. Scientific studies explain the effect of alcohol on the osomopotency of dendrites allowing high concentration of ions such as calcium. Additionally, the social functioning of the students is impaired with alcoholics more likely to cheat to attain higher GPA’s. The author is approaches the issue professionally by relating effect and cause in the research

Studies show that binge drinking can start in high school and continue through college (ICAP 4).

These people are seven to sixteen times more likely, than non-binge drinkers to have missed classes, gotten behind in their school work, engaged in unplanned sexual activity, and not used protection during sexual intercourse, had run-ins with campus police, damaged property, or been injured or hurt (NCADI 2).

There are many consequences of binge drinking.

Binge Drinking by college students is the cause to some of the students’ deaths, causes some students grades to fall, and is very dangerous and unhealthy.

College life can be very stressful, and drinking can sometimes become a “crutch” to make up for it (Kaufman 2).
Students also binge drink to help them solve their problems.

Binge drinking is a dangerous drinking problem that many people have.

I think that this high rate is reasonable since drinking is still seen as a popular activity in many colleges as seen in the horrible accidents in the newspaper or on television....

Binge drinking is defined for men as drinking five or more drinks in a row in the past two weeks, and for women as drinking four r more drinks in a row ( ICAP 1).

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    It is questioned whether Greek life attracts or creates binge drinkers.

  • Binge Drinking essays One of the most serious problems in today

    Nausea, having a “hangover” and memory loss are just a few of the short-term effects of binge drinking.

  • For men binge is defined as having five or more drinks in a row.

    Fully 86% of men and 80% of women who live in fraternities and sororities are binge drinkers," (Wechsler).

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College Binge Drinking - Alcoholism Essay Example

Twenty-eight percent of high school seniors have already associated with binge drinking (ICAP, 4).
The question of why students continue to submit themselves to alcohol is unknown.

Why do college students drink so heavily

So we also know that what is considered to be deviant varies across societies.” How could members of our society see drinking as anything but a norm when everywhere one turns alcohol is being advertised.

"Alcohol and Alcoholism - Binge Drinking."

Two-Year Campuses. 1, 12-18. This article describes a study that was carried out in order to determine the consequences of alcohol abuse on academic achievements of the college students. It was measured using grade point averages (GPAs) of a two-year student (McAloon, 1994) in order to determine the studying trend. It was discovered that the more students kept on drinking, the more their GPAs reduced. McAloon’s article analyzes well the way college students are being affected by alcohol abuse. He used the research methodology in analyzing the way alcohol abuse affects the performance of students in the college. The problems related to alcohol were assessed and it was found alcohol abuse leads to problems such as sexual assault, conflicts and other illegal behaviors (McAloon, 1994). Therefore, the research findings emphasize on the call for educating the second year college students as well as providing possible ways of addressing the issue through use of post-evaluation method.

Causes and effects of Binge Drinking - College Term …

Although there are other reasons a student may choose to binge drink, the influence of friends, the lack of outside control and the denial of drinking-related problems are the main forces driving the need to consume alcohol to the point of physical harm.

Binge Drinking Among College Students: A Partial Test …

Paschall, M. J., & Freisthler, B. (2003). Does heavy drinking affect academic performance in college? Findings from a prospective study of high achievers. , 515–519. The researchers conducted a study on the effects of intense alcohol intake, and alcohol-related problems on the performances of college students. The student’s grade point average – GPA – was checked and possible connections made to the students’ drinking habits at an individual level. The study involved 465 students from the University of California in Berkley. The study indicated only a small proportion of the alcohol intake habits and alcohol related problems related directly to the student’s performances on their group point average. The study further indicated that the findings were inconsistent with a regression model on the group point average on a given high school and the control variables of student demographic characteristics. The study therefore concluded that intense alcoholic intake and alcohol related problems do not have any discernible effect on the on the students academic performance.

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